Corporate Travel Office

In addition to our 24 hour control centre we have a dedicated corporate travel office. Its team of advisors work closely with our drivers to give our corporate clients an exclusive service.

Our experienced staff can advise you on routes, timings and cost-effectiveness, and can link customers making similar journeys, which means splitting the costs to you the traveller.

We give you our pricing in advance, helping you to control your costs.

Because our drivers are available 24 hours a day every day we can offer you total flexibility. That means you can plan with complete freedom, knowing that a driver can pick you up at any time you choose.

Using our corporate travel office reduces your administration costs. It removes the need for you to have your own booking function.

You tell us your administrative requirements, eg which cost centre is invoiced, reference numbers etc. We do the rest, giving you the benefit of facilities management plus our industry/location expertise.

We provide bespoke electronic or hard copy invoicing, delivered in a format specified by you, so that it merges seamlessly with your own accounting system.

If you would like to request a call back from our Corporate Travel Office to help you plan a journey please call 01235 812345 or complete our contact form.